Wart Removal Adelaide


The first word that people associate with warts is GROSS!
  • Are you embarrassed by the warts on your hands and feet?
  • Worried that you or your child will spread it to the entire family?
  • Tired of putting on daily medications for months which just don’t work?
  • Gone to your GP or Podiatrists used acids and dry ice which hurt and blister?
Simply, do you just wish there was a magic wand which could get rid of these persistent warts in one fast swoop?

The breakthrough is here: the Swift Microwave Treatment for Warts or Verruca
The Swift Machine uses microwave energy administered for usually 1-2 seconds which literally heats up the affected tissue. This stimulates an immune response from your body to naturally kill the wart virus.

The treatment involves a couple of seconds of using the Swift once a month for 3 months. That is all!
  • no messy acids 
  • painful dry ice
  • no daily dressings
  • Suitable for children
…and most importantly studies show it has a 83% success rate. These podiatrists are also raving about the machine because for decades warts have been one of the most challenging things for them to eradicate.

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The free assessment of the wart to determine if Swift is appropriate for you.  You will have the option to have the Swift Treatment at the same time as it usually takes less than 10 minutes.  There is no obligation to have treatment.  If you proceed with treatment, it is subject to normal fees and health insurance rebates with podiatry cover apply.  Due to the large demand for the free assessments,  cancellation within 24hrs may lead to another person needing treatment missing out.  If you cancel you will not be able to obtain another Free Assessment.

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