Wart Removal Adelaide
Thank you for requesting a FREE wart Assessment
Due to the limited number of FREE ASSESSMENTS this week, call 08 8239 1022 or book online now and get a free UV light shoe sterilisation valued at $67.  This will reduce the likelihood of warts developing from wearing your shoes.
At the end of the FREE Wart Assessment, you will:

  • Become crystal clear about your issue
  • Understand how it is treated with SWIFT
  • Receive your first treatment if suitable
  • Get results FAST from your first treatment

The free assessment of the wart to determine if Swift is appropriate for you.  You will have the option to have the Swift Treatment at the same time as it usually takes less than 10 minutes.  There is no obligation to have treatment.  If you proceed with treatment, it is subject to normal fees and health insurance rebates with podiatry cover apply.  Due to the large demand for the free assessments,  cancellation within 24hrs may lead to another person needing treatment missing out.  If you cancel you will not be able to obtain another Free Assessment.

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